MAD seasoning is one of the most versatile all-purpose seasonings I have ever used. It is bold and flavorful without being overpowering. I have used it on beef, fish, and veggies but I like it best with pork chops! My son even sprinkles his pasta dishes with it for added flavor


MAD seasoning is unique!  I love it on seafood and hard-boiled eggs but especially sprinkled on popcorn.  MAD will kick up any dish.


Marvelous And Delicious All-Purpose Seasoning is delicious on everything. The only seasoning in my cabinet is Marvelous and Delicious. Oh yeah I need another bottle


Thank you Marvelous and Delicious for this amazing seasoning! It is fresh, smokey, savory and full of flavor. I’ve been able to use on several different meals such as pasta, pork chops and turkey ground beef. It is truly one of a kind. In addition, the customer service was great and shipped quickly. If you have not tried it, you are definitely missing out!


This is a fabulous tasting seasoning that makes everything taste sooooo good!!!! It’s all you need!! Andddd black-owned!! Order a bottle today!! You won’t regret it !!


Perfect all-purpose seasoning!! Literally goes with EVERYTHING and is GREAT to use. Can be used to season meats, add flavor to vegetables, and even spice up popcorn. Would strongly recommend!


Omg yes!! Goes with everything I love MAD seasoning


This Seasoning is absolutely the boom. Baby when I tell you it is an ALL PURPOSE SEASONING perfect goes with anything. Get MAD and order yours today.


Marvelous and Delicious seasoning is a staple seasoning in our home. Recently we decided to have Gumbo and used a popular brand that is well known for Creole Food seasonings. We were in a hurry so I used the box mix rather than making it from scratch and using MAD. What a mistake that was!!!! Everyone complained that it was flavorless and bland. 

MAD seasoning is such a superior product! I should have known better than using anything other than MAD! The other brand may have been created by a famous chef but he can truly take pointers from Marvelous and Delicious! I am so happy to have this snd so proud to support this amazing product and company! 


My experience with Marvelous & Delicious, LLC was AMAZING from beginning to end!! The online presence of Marvelous & Delicious grabbed my attention and it was the icing on the cake that it was a black-owned business & a female entrepreneur behind the product. I received my order confirmation promptly and was seasoning you my veggies and seafood within a few days! It was a great experience to shop with Marquita and will definitely be purchasing again in the future. Thank you Queen!! 👑✨

Ray* @_RealLifeRay

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